Business case for investment in human resources for health supply chain management

Focus Area
Evidence-based solutions

In this business case data collected from donors’ budgeted investments at country level for human resources for supply chain management (HR4SCM) over the period 2017-2020, coupled with questionnaire responses and interviews with supply chain managers in country, reveals the value of allocations in these four areas.

It is clear that staffing and skills are the pathways that receive plentiful allocations while motivation and working conditions are neglected, and as the number of products managed by the health supply chain workforce increases, so should HR4SCM budget allocations in investments.

Interviews and questionnaire responses suggest that investments in HR4SCM offer value for money to improve health outcomes, and this is supported by two case studies: in Malawi and Ethiopia. The return on investment in HR4SCM and related health outcomes is, however, not currently possible to determine as there are no monitoring processes in place in countries to measure the isolated impact of investments in HR4SCM.