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Leveraging private sector expertise to improve supply chain management within the Ministry of Health

French version: Exploiter l'expérience du secteur privé pour améliorer la gestion de la chaîne d’approvisionnement au sein du Ministère de la Santé 

The Ministry of Health Drug Management System

Indonesia’s Approach to Strengthen Supply Chain Management in the public health system

Indonesia PtD Stakeholder Map

Country Liaison

Russell Vogel, JSI DELIVER,


Assessment Report Looks at Tuberculosis Laboratory Logistics in Indonesia - Read the full report at

Health Sector Review (HSR) Consolidated report:
HSR Compilation of Policy Brief
HSR Individual Report on Pharmaceutical review


KEMSA after the devolution: Financial sustainability through the definition of the supply chain strategy and a strong focus on the human resources and leadership components


Supply Chain Management Training Road Map for Liberia

Liberia Supply Chain Experience

Liberia PtD Stakeholder Map

Country Liaison 

John T Harris, Director SCMU, MOH,


Task shifting in Health Supply Chain Management: A Malawi Case Study


Human Resources for Logistics Storage and Transportation of commodities from the Central Level

Mozambique PtD Stakeholder Map

Country Liaison

Dr Paulo Nhaducue, Deputy Director, Central Medical Store,

Rosalie Faniyo, Senior Health Systems Strengthning Advisor, Central Medical Store,


Namibia’s Integrated Actions to Improve the Health Supply Chain Management Workforce

Namibia Supply Chain HR situation

Supply Chain Performance Improvement Program at the Central Medical Store in Namibia

Namibia PtD Stakeholder Map

Country Liaison

Benjamin Ongeri, Country Director at GHSC-PSM Namibia, 


African Development Conference on Healthcare Delivery 2017 Report