Extended deadline: Membership call: Join AsLoB (the Association des Logisticiens Beninois)

AsLoB is celebrating its 10th anniversary and calling for new memberships

(extended deadline: March 31st, 2017)

AsLoB is the focal point for French-speaking African countries of the International Association of the Public Health Logisticians (IAPHL), and a member of several other national and international logistics organizations.

Whether you are professional logistician or have a passion for logistics, a student (in logistics, international trade, statistics, planning, economics, management, geography, environment, agriculture, health, education, communication, etc.), a private company, a Public Administration, an NGO, or a donor working in key development sectors and transport, feel free to join the Beninese Logistician's Association.

Preliminary results from the membership call:

1- Out of the 102 members registered, 60% are individuals and 40% are corporations.

2- Of the 60% individuals we have 56% professionals, 27% students, 4% teachers, 3% researchers and 10% others. Most of the individuals are logisticians (64%). They come from the following industries: transport (35%), health (28%), agriculture and environment (6%) and education (4%). 27% come from other industries, including 3% economists and 3% industrials. 54% of individuals are already working and have work experience ranging from 2 to 10 years, 70% of them live in Benin.

3- Of the 40% of corporations, 18% are private enterprises, 8% are public administrations and decentralized services, 6% are universities and vocational schools, and 3% are technical assistance partners and donors. 44% of corporations come from health, 16% from transport, 4% from education, 2% from agriculture and environment and 34% from other of which IT and economy are 4% respectively.

4- Participants stated that they had had the information of this membership campaign from the following sources: Social networks sponsored by AsLoB and various private networks of members of the preparatory committee (GLS & ANCHOR and others) 83%, IAPHL 11%; PtD 2%, PSSP 2%, Supply chain magazine 2%, PSA and AMP 0%.

5- 100% of the members confirmed their commitment to belong to the Association des Logisticiens Béninois (AsLoB) and respect the statutes and regulations in force.

To become a member, fill in the following form: http://www.aslob.org/index.php/etre-adherent and submit it by the extended deadline of March 31, 2017.

For more information:

E-mail : aslob2007@yahoo.fr

Phone : 00229 67 24 02 02 or 00229 94 40 02 02