Ed Monchen

Ed Monchen
Executive committee member

After 20 years in various corporate roles Ed decided to dedicate his time and energy to global health. First as COO of the Access to Medicine Foundation. Based in the Netherlands, the Foundation publishes the Access to Medicine Index, the first Index of its kind to rank pharmaceutical companies with respect to their efforts to improve global access to medicine. In his current role of CEO of i+solutions, he is able to fulfil his desire to really deliver essential medicines to the people who need them.

i+solutions is a foundation specialized in global health supply chains. As Procurement Services Agent for the Global Fund, i+solutions provides essential medicines for HIV/Aids, TB and Malaria to over 65 LMICs. The other core activity of i+solutions is advising LMICs how to strengthening and innovate their supply chains up to the last mile.

Ed has a background in developing strategies and fund raising for new innovative business concepts. As an entrepreneurial manager, he has worked in The Netherlands and abroad for various start-up and blue chip companies (HP, AON). Since 2008, he is active in the field of sustainable development and global health. Ed studied Management Science and Industrial Engineering at the Technical University Eindhoven.

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