PtD Global Indaba

PtD Global Indaba: A forum on Human Resources for Health Supply Chain Management 

2020 is a crucial year for addressing the human resource (HR) crisis in health supply chain management (SCM) in low-income countries. With 10 years remaining to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) target of universal health coverage, a greater emphasis must be paid to the health workforce, including those who manage the health supply chain.  The SDG targets simply cannot be achieved without an adequately staffed and skilled health workforce.

The World Health Organization (WHO) currently estimates that the health workforce deficit stands at no less than 8 million in Asia and 6 million in Africa. The WHO global strategy on human resources for health workforce 2030, adopted at the World Health Assembly in May 2016, is a cross-cutting agenda to attain coverage targets across all service delivery priorities – including supply chain managers. The current trends of health worker production and employment will not be enough; in the African region the forecast worsens between 2013 and 2030.

Given the growing importance of the topic of workforce development in health supply chains, and the recognition of the urgent need for action, People that Deliver (PtD) is hosting the Global Indaba, an international forum with a dedicated focus on HR for SCM. It will be a space to present and share the significant experiences and knowledge that has been generated in this area in recent years.

The PtD Global Indaba will help countries to plan, finance, develop, support and retain the national workforces needed for the effective, efficient and sustainable management of health supply chains. The theme is "HR for SCM the missing link to maximizing supply chain performance." 

The Indaba will feature an interactive program organized along strands of the PtD Theory of Change. Building on the growing momentum to understand and apply HR approaches to country contexts, the plenaries, panel discussions, short presentations and workshops will showcase international and country-based applications of whole of labor market approaches and the SCM Professionalization Framework in government-led and private sector health supply chains.

Together with partners IAPHL, IntraHealth, Pharmaceutical Systems Africa, and SAPICS, PtD will host the event at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Lusaka, Zambia, in September 2021. This will be an excellent networking opportunity with more than 200 delegates from international and country-based leaders in health supply chain management, and government-based stewards of health supply chains, including representatives from multilateral organizations, professional associations, private sector supply chain organizations, academic institutions, and non-governmental organizations.

The working language of the Indaba will be English with simultaneous French translation.

What in the world is an Indaba?

Indaba is a word in the Zulu language that means “gathering” or “discussion.” An eclectic event deserves a unique name, which is why we chose to call this event an “Indaba.”

Objectives of the PtD Global Indaba

  • Present evidence and experiences regarding the PtD focus on human resources for health supply chains and how these are applied to maximize staff performance in SCM organizations in the health sector
  • Promote the south-to-south exchange of knowledge to practice and peer to peer (country to country) learning, regarding human resources in health supply chains
  • Promote inter-organizational relationships between SCM organizations, academic institutions and private sector entities
  • Demonstrate interagency and international advocacy, collaboration and coordination regarding a focus on human resources in health supply chains
  • Learn from the private sector regarding their approaches to HR for SCM
  • Challenge countries to formulate the next steps required for further sustainable action regarding HR in SCM, within country specific contexts


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Additional Workshops

Please also look out for invitations from our partner network to workshops that will be taking place throughout the week. 

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Dates: September 2021

Location: Radisson Blu Hotel Lusaka, Zambia