PtD Organizational and Structural Evaluation Consultant

Application deadline: Friday, September 15 2017 17:00 CET

PtD continues to evolve since inception, and while the initial focus was on raising awareness and conducting research to garner support from key donors and mobilize required resources in country, PtD activities have evolved to the development of tools and engagement within a few key focus countries supporting in country activities through member organizations. As in-country demand for PtD services increases, PtD’s focus on country-level implementation is also growing. Strategic goals were set out for PtD in 2011, updated in 2013, and again in 2016 to help guide the activities of the initiative going forward.

A review of PtD has never been completed, therefore it was agreed by the PtD Board to take stock at this point to determine the following three objectives:

  1. The degree to which the initiative achieved its strategic goals from 2011-2013, and 2013 through the present period (Strategic Plan to be shared when assignment commences);
  2. The factors - both internal and external - that either supported or hindered progress made since 2011; and
  3. How well the initiative is currently positioned or what needs to change both in terms of programmatic and organizational aspects for PtD to succeed in the coming two to three years (Theory of Change to be shared when the assignment commences). This third and final objective should include specific forward-facing recommendations both about PtD’s structure and function.

This is a non-traditional evaluation, in addition to the retrospective analysis of PtD, it also requires strategic, forward-facing, recommendations for the initiative as it moves into its next phase.

Consultants interested in this assignment will need to submit a proposal for the evaluation methodology to be used, in addition to other requirements listed in the evaluation process below. A qualitative and participatory approach to this evaluation is recommended.


The Consultant will report to the PtD Executive Manager on the following tasks:

  • Initial meeting to clarify the purpose and objectives of the evaluation, and sharing of resources to review and stakeholders to consult
  • Agreement on evaluation methodology and questions
  • Draft workplan, data collection instruments, and summary of literature review
  • Mid-evaluation report and second meeting to review progress made and feedback from stakeholder interviews
  • Final report which includes evaluation findings, conclusions and recommendations on PtD’s structure and function
  • Formal presentation of key findings and recommendations to the PtD Board

It is envisioned that this work will take place over approximately a five-month period (approximately 80 working days) from October 2 until the end of February 2018.

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