Accelerating the uptake of PtD tools a priority for new pair

Last week the PtD coalition elected its new chair and deputy chair, welcoming Francis (Kofi) Aboagye-Nyame as chair and Hilary Frazer as deputy chair. The pair will replace Lloyd Matowe and Jenny Froome, respectively.

The elections, which took place on Tuesday 24 January, enjoyed an 80 per cent turnout rate by the coalition of 28 organisations. The chair and deputy chair positions are held for two years and are pivotal in the PtD coalition. As well as guiding PtD’s activities and overseeing long-term objectives, the two are figureheads are responsible for representing the coalition and for advocating its key messages.

Francis (Kofi) Aboagye-Nyame, whose organisation Management Sciences for Health (MSH) has long been a member of the PtD coalition, said, “I'm delighted the PtD coalition has shown its confidence in me and selected me to be its chair; I will be a true advocate for PtD.

“I’ll be particularly focused on advocating for more uptake of PtD tools at the country level and developing closer ties with the private sector to build the human resource capacity to deliver health products and related services for better health outcomes. I can’t wait to get started!”

Hilary Frazer, organisational development director of Mozen Consulting Ltd has, too, been working closely with PtD in recent years and was instrumental during last year’s Global Indaba. She said, “I’m so pleased to become part of the PtD family and honoured to serve as deputy chair! Holding deep commitment to enabling the right product to reach the right patient at the right point in time, I’m enthusiastic about our journey forward over the next two years.”

She added, “For me, expanding the implementation of PtD’s excellent tools and use of quality products is central to our approach. These can truly transform the capability of human resources, improve health supply chains and benefit the communities we serve.” 

Francis (Kofi) Aboagye-Nyame is program director of the USAID-funded Medicines, Technologies, and Pharmaceutical Services (MTaPS) at MSH. Hilary Frazer, meanwhile, has extensive experience of transformation programmes and change management projects for global companies and non-profit organisations​.

PtD executive manager, Dominique Zwinkels, is excited to work with the pair: “I’ve worked with Kofi and Hilary before and feel lucky that they’ve joined the team. They have great expertise and their ambitions for PtD align well with our plans. I have full confidence in their ability to keep impacting human resources for supply chain management and making these a successful two years.”

PtD will continue to work closely with outgoing chair Lloyd and deputy chair Jenny, two of the driving forces behind the success of the PtD Global Indaba and other initiatives.

“Lloyd and Jenny have been integral to PtD’s recent successes and have always had PtD’s interests at heart,” according to PtD's executive manager, before adding, “They’ve certainly helped move PtD forwards.”