Service Offerings

PtD provides SOLUTION DESIGN by BROKERING SERVICES related to supply chain capacity building and is able to match country needs in supply chain capacity building with a portfolio of member organizations that have experience and support in capacity building. PtD provides the following three service offerings to governments, NGOs and implementing partners:

1. VISIBILITY into all activities taking place in the human resources (HR) for health supply chain management (SCM) space both at the global and local level, connecting and ensuring consistency across all organizations.

Service offerings:

  1. At a global level, PtD brings together a network of member organizations, advocating for interventions that improve the demand and supply of qualified health supply chain professionals.
  2. At a national level, PtD engages partners to carry out HR for health SCM assessments that produce a comprehensive picture of the state of HR for health SCM in a country and develop HR for health SCM strategies.

2. ADDRESSING and CONNECTING THE DEMAND AND SUPPLY SIDES of HR for health SCM to support organizations in capacity building. With the growing demand for a skilled SCM workforce as the volume of commodities that flow through supply chains increase and better performance is expected, educational pathways are needed, including job descriptions, continuing professional development, and representation in the Ministry of Health, among many others. PtD carries this out by being an active and respected intermediary that adds value by not only communicating and sharing knowledge, but undertaking the application of ideas into practical solutions.

Service offerings:

  1. Workforce development initiatives that focus on identifying and building a robust workforce:
    1. Competency mapping and job profile development
    2. Staffing needs assessment (WISN)
    3. Training needs assessment, design and implementation
    4. Mapping educational needs and curriculum development
    5. Supply Chain Performance Improvement (SCPI)
  2. Performance initiatives that identify and enhance workforce performance:
    1. Supervision and retention strategy development
    2. Leadership, mentoring and coaching strategy development
  3. Professionalization of health SCM:
    1. Advocating for the creation of local professional associations and formal logistician cadres
    2. Advocating for recognition of supply chain cadres

3. Catalyzing and disseminating RESEARCH to strengthen and make investment cases for the health supply chain workforce, drawing on academic resources from partners.

Service offering:

  1. PTD engages partners, research organizations and universities to identify research gaps and needs and build investment cases

Please contact People that Deliver for more information on our service offerings.