PtD at the 15th TechNet Conference

The 15th TechNet Conference themed Building the Next Generation of Immunization Supply Chains was recently held in Cascais, Portugual.

The conference looked at ensuring vaccine availability with better products and use of accurate data, safeguarding vaccine potency with optimized cold chain systems, improving supply chain efficiency with system design and enablers of supply chain improvements and change. Almost 400 participants from over 40 countries, representing over 80 organizations were in attendance.

The conference was divided into plenary sessions and complementary side events including an innovations café, project gallery and resource library.

PtD Executive Manager, Dominique Zwinkels co-moderated two panels, the first one was entitled Know the way, show the way: immunization supply chain leadership in practice which saw country representatives discuss what supply chain leadership means to them, their preferred strategies and interventions to build sustainable capacity. The panel also addressed identifying change leaders and the challenges they are facing with their current architecture of leadership support. The second panel was entitled Built to last: design approaches and institutional governance for sustainable, resilient immunization supply chain systems. The session examined how countries in different capacity contexts are pursuing a range of approaches to improve ISC governance and ensure improvements are implemented. The characteristics of sustainable national systems (ISC and across health) in different capacity (fragile, low-, middle-, high-capacity) and program design contexts (centralized, integrated, etc.) were also discussed.

The recorded proceedings, posters and photographs can be found here:

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