Online Resources

PSM Toolbox

WHO AIDS Medicines and Diagnostics Service (AMDS) has created an online platform to access procurement and supply management (PSM) tools.

The tools are developed, published and submitted by AMDS partners and are regularly updated. The database of tools is maintained by i+solutions. 


The Learning and Professional Training Opportunities (LAPTOP) is the go-to course finder that offers a world of training opportunities in supply chain management.

LAPTOP is a joint initiative between the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition (RHSC) and PtD designed to help improve skills, advance career,s and find the right course – at the right time, the right place and the right price.

Courses focus on the development of practical skills that can help professionalize the management of public sector supply chains and therefore improve product availability.

IAPHL E-Learning Resources

This IAPHL webpage highlights suggested SCM-related learning content such as e-courses, videos, and other learning online materials, all free of charge.

PtD's Knowledge Gateway Community

The Knowledge Gateway is an electronic communication platform that connects people working in health and development through virtual networks and online discussions to facilitate knowledge sharing and exchange. 

The People that Deliver Knowledge Gateway is an interactive tool aimed at all people and organizations interested in bringing a contribution to PtD.

Through its many tools and applications (discussion forum, library, calendar, inbox, etc.), members can network more easily and share a great amount of information, opinions, and ideas about health systems and improving supply chain management, best practices, professional training, tools and guidelines, new initiatives, etc.

PSA Health Supply Chain Skills Profile

PSA's online leadership questionnaire measures technical, management and leadership competencies covering six key areas of health supply chain work as set out in the People that Deliver (PtD) Health Supply Chain Competency Framework for Managers and Leaders.

JSI's Supply Chain Manager's Handbook

JSI's Supply Chain Manager’s Handbook is the perfect starting point for anyone interested in learning about and understanding the key principles and concepts of supply chain management for health commodities.