Conference Poster Presentations

Poster Presentations

Poster 1
Title: Analysis and Findings from the Zimbabwe Supply Chain Human Resource Assessment
Author: Brian Serumaga

Poster 2
Title: Supply Chain Management of Laboratory Commodities for Tuberculosis in Indonesia: Using Assessment Results to Strengthen Staff Capacity  
Author: Russell Vogel

Poster 3
Title: HR factors affecting the availability of medical products in developing countries: a systematic literature review  
Author: Pamela Steele
Poster 4
Title: Building a Supply Chain Approach for an Improved Laboratory Sample Referral Network in the Dominican Republic
Author: Alan George 
Poster 5
Title: HR for SCM Online Discussion. What do the countries have to say?
Author: Andrew Brown

Poster 6
Title: GAVI Supply Chain Strategy People and Practice Evidence Review, March 2014
Author: Pamela Steele
Poster 7
Title: Human Resource Development in Supply Chain Management- What do the UN agencies say?
Author: Amrita Sankaranarayanan
Poster 8
Title: Development of a Sustainable Access to Medicine Model in Caribbean: Chronic disease assistance program as a case study
Author: Sandeep Maharaj
Poster 9
Title: Assessment of Human Resources Capacity of Pharmaceutical Warehouses in Cameroon.
Author: Samuel Ottu Ayuk 
Poster 10
Title: Using the Media Social Facebook to Increase the Community Voluntarism and Engagement to Monitoring ARV in Indonesia
Author: Irwandy Widjaja
Poster 11
Title: Embedding Problem Solving and Use of Data with Routine Supply Chain Procedures: District Leadership and Team-based Approaches Improve Product Availability in Rwanda
Author: Alexis Heaton
Poster 12
Title: Incorporating Pharmaceutical Supply Management Modules in the Pre-Service Curriculum of the BPharm Program of the University of Namibia School of Pharmacy
Author: Greatjoy Mazibuko
Poster 13
Title: Strengthened Human Resources in Health Logistics in Nepal
Author: Heem S. Shakya

Poster 14
Title: JSI Tanzania supply chain initiatives are country based with potential for scale up of best practices on a global perspective.
Author: Matiko Machagge
Poster 15
Title: Pilot Projects Empower District Supply Chain Management Staff to Strengthen Health Services in Indonesia.
Author: Dr. Setiawan Soeparan