Conference Presentations and Recordings


Plenary Session 1A – Describing the Challenge (Audio Recording)

People that Deliver – Conference Goals and Desired Outcomes
Mr. John Skibiak, Director, Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition (RHSC)

Burkina Faso – Professionnaliser la gestion de la chaîne logistique pour améliorer les performances des systèmes de santé
Pr Adama TRAORE, Ministry of Health, Burkina Faso; presented by Mr. Benoît Silve, Director, Bioforce Institute, on his behalf

UNICEF – Emergence of Humanitarian Logistics Profession Lessons and Context 
Mr. Paul Molinaro, Senior Manager for Change and Development, UNICEF Supply Division

Plenary Session 1B – Describing the Challenge from the Country Perspective (Audio Recording)

People that Deliver – Landscape Analysis and Research
Ms. Kimberly Bardy, Research Committee Chair for People that Deliver Initiative, and Supply Chain Adviser, U.S. Agency for International Development

Ethiopia – Opportunities, Innovations, Needs and Challenges Ethiopia Faces in Human Resources for Supply Chain Management
Ms. Ribka Mekonnen Logistics Management Information System Advisor, Pharmaceutical Fund Supply Agency, Ethiopia; and Ms. Woinshet Nigatu, Technical Director Commodity Security, USAID | DELIVER PROJECT, Ethiopia

Namibia – Supply Chain HR Situation
Ms. Jennie Lates, Deputy Director of Pharmaceutical Services, Ministry of Health and Social Services, Namibia

Plenary Session 1C – Improving the Availability of Qualified Supply Chain Managers (Audio Recording)

Liberia – Forming a Dedicated Supply Chain Management Unit to Strengthen Supply Chain Integration and Performance
Mr. Luke Rooney, Supply Chain Analyst, Clinton Health Access Initiative, Liberia; and Mr. J. Julius Janafo, Acting Supply Chain Manager, Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Liberia

Mozambique – Who are the People Running the Supply Chain? Human Resources for Logistics Storage and Transportation of commodities from the Central Level 
Dr. Martinho Dgedge, National Director of Human Resources, Ministry of Health, Mozambique; and Mr. Paulo Nhaducue, Director, Central Medical Stores, Mozambique

USAID – Improving the Demand for and Retention of Health Supply Chain Personnel
Ms. Barbara Stilwell, Director of Technical Leadership, IntraHealth International

Indonesia – Leveraging Private Sector Expertise to Improve Supply Chain Management within the Ministry of Health
Dr. H. Muhamad Subuh, Director, Directorate of Directly Transmitted Disease Control, Ministry of Health, Indonesia; and Mr. Steven Harsono, CHAI, Indonesia

Plenary Session 1D – Improving demand for and retention of qualified supply chain managers (Audio Recording)

ELRHA – Professionalization Project
Mr. Jess Camburn, Director, ELRHA

WHO AFRO / HRH – Enjeux de la Professionnalisation du Métier de Logisticien en Afrique
Dr. Avocksouma Djona, WHO AFRO/ HRH

Rwanda – Pre-service Education in Supply Chain Management for Pharmacy Workforce 
M. Thomas Bizimana, Department of Pharmacy, National University of Rwanda



People that Deliver – Breakout Groups: Demand & Retention

People that Deliver – Breakout Groups: Improving Availability of Qualified SCM Personnel

People that Deliver – Breakout Groups: How We Move Forward?