Vaccine: “Building Next Generation Immunization Supply Chains”

The latest edition of Vaccine includes two articles focusing on human resource strengthening within supply chains, both are co-authored by 3 of our board members:

Who is preparing the next generation of immunization supply chain professionals?

Andrew N. Brown, Wendy Prosser, Dominique Zwinkels

With the introduction of new vaccines and the availability of new technologies to improve efficiencies, there is a critical need for more supply chain professionals equipped with the appropriate technical and leadership competencies to run immunization supply chains. In order to lever change, we need to ensure that supply chain professionals with the right competencies are placed at the right level within national health supply chain systems. This leads us to the question, ‘who is preparing the next generation of immunization supply chain professionals?’

This commentary presents a number of current projects and initiatives seeking to develop the next generation of health supply chain professionals. Read the full article here 

The People Factor: An Analysis of the human resources landscape for immunization supply chain management

Musonda Kasonde, Pamela Steele

Every immunization supply chain needs an effective leader as well as an adequate number of skilled, accountable, motivated and empowered personnel who are fully equipped to overcome international supply chain challenges. This landscape analysis was preceded by an HR Evidence Review (March 2014) which served to inform global partner strategies and country activities, as well as highlight where most support is required. The study also aimed to define the status quo in order to create a baseline against which to measure the impact of interventions related to HR going forward. Read the full article here

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