Tanzania: Human resource capacity assessment in public health supply chain management

Focus Area
Country engagement

To respond to widespread and systemic human resource weaknesses within health systems, a broad group of governments and organizations have created a joint initiative—People that Deliver (PtD)—which aims to strengthen supply chain personnel capacity while encouraging the professionalization of their role within the health system. This global initiative, in association with the project (a U.S. Agency for International Development–funded project), developed a human resource assessment guide and tool to gather data on human resource opportunities and challenges associated with supply chain management (SCM). The data collected are expected to strengthen the capacity of supply chain personnel by working with host countries to build human resource systems and advocate for the professionalization of supply chain management. Strengthening the capacity of public health supply chain personnel from the top down will ensure that the supply chains and health systems operate more effectively, which will improve access to health supplies and save lives.