How to take part in STEP 2.0

STEP 2.0 is led by organisations. This means that if you wish to become a STEP 2.0 delegate, funding must first be granted by your organisation. As the hub for STEP 2.0, PtD provides support to organisations wishing to implement STEP, but the programme itself is not implemented by us. Once you have secured funding we can help you plan it.

There are two common routes to becoming a STEP 2.0 delegate:

  1. Individuals receive funding from their organisation and, assisted by PtD, are directed to a programme near them.
  2. Groups of individuals or organisations receive funding and PtD supports them to find a provider for STEP 2.0. In this case, STEP 2.0 comes to them.

Become a STEP coach

We are actively seeking STEP 2.0 coaches from the private sector who are looking for the opportunity to hone their leadership skills and contribute to their company’s corporate social responsibility mission.

STEP 2.0 coaches participate in every aspect of the programme. They coach a team of five STEP participants for a period of four to six months providing in-person and remote support as delegates work through their transformation challenge. Coaching provides opportunities for peer networking and to build public/private trust. Coaches have a lasting impact that serves to strengthen local health supply chain systems and equips them to handle the challenges of tomorrow.

STEP 2.0 coaches are supply chain professionals who have a strong willingness to share their skills, knowledge and expertise and are capable of motivating others by setting a good example. Coaches take a personal interest in the mentoring relationship and are able to develop rapport and a trusting and supportive environment. They exhibit continued enthusiasm, provide constructive feedback and are able to share pleasure in success and empathy in failure.