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The following tools and guidelines help support and develop supply chain managers to effectively manage their country’s supply chain:

How can I strengthen my leadership skills?

Strategic Executive Leadership Program (STEP 2.0)

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The latest edition of Vaccine includes two articles focusing on human resource strengthening within supply chains, both are co-authored by 3 of our board members:

Who is preparing the next generation of immunization supply chain professionals?

Andrew N. Brown, Wendy Prosser, Dominique Zwinkels

The PtD step by step approach to human resources capacity development in health supply chain management

A four-stepped approach to systematically develop professional human resources for health logistics and supply chain management. Download a PDF version here

People that Deliver HR for SCM Assessment Tool

In August 2013 the People that Deliver Initiative (PtD) in conjunction with the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT published "The Human Resource Capacity Development in Public Health Supply Chain Management: Assessment Guide and Tool".

Interested in recent webinars? See: Improving professionalism in public health supply chains:The example of Guatemala.


Since October 2015, the innovative Strategic Training Executive Program (STEP) is helping immunization supply chain managers across the East African Community (EAC) region to hone their skills and provide more effective supply chain leadership.