Do you have something to contribute to PtD?


The global technical leader in human resources (HR) for supply chain management (SCM) is looking for prospective coalition members who could bring valuable expertise and new perspectives to what is already a vibrant and diverse coalition.

Since People that Deliver (PtD) executive manager Dominique Zwinkels took hold of the reigns eight years ago, the coalition has developed into a thriving and active collaboration that today counts almost 30 members. The group of organisations works together to develop tools and guidelines, and to advocate the shared goal of its members: the creation of a competent, supported and adequately staffed health supply chain workforce deployed across the public and private sectors within the health system.

In recent years Dominique has overseen a number of successes. In 2018, PtD – with the support of numerous coalition members – published its flagship tool: the Building human resources (HR) for SCM theory of change, which provides the foundation for developing strategies to manage the quantity, type and capacity of HR required to operate health supply chains. In 2020 PtD published the SCM professionalisation framework, a set of guidelines that helps organisations transform health SCM into a recognised profession of the highest integrity. PtD is not just advocating change; it is affecting it and working with countries to implement guidance and frameworks.

PtD’s latest success is the Global Indaba – the only global conference to centre on HR for SCM. The first edition, held in Zambia in 2022, was such a success that the Global Indaba will become a regular occurrence. In 2024 the Global Indaba will move to Bangkok to focus on the theme The supply chain workforce: Solutions to transform health supply chains, with coalition members playing a central and starring role in its organisation and execution.  

What do coalition members look like? 

Coalition members are organisations that assign two individuals to represent their organisations on the coalition. Current PtD coalition members come from a number of constituencies: donor organisations, United Nations agencies, private sector companies, educational institutions and professional organisations. What they have in common is their dedication to improving health outcomes in low-and middle-income countries by strengthening the people that run supply chains.

What are we looking for? 

Members of the PtD coalition are expected to contribute to our mutual objectives in two ways. Through their own activities coalition members pursue initiatives that support health supply chain professionals to better perform their roles, ensuring they are skilled and motivated, staffed in the right number and enjoy conducive working conditions.  

In parallel, coalition members are expected to contribute to at least one joint PtD activity. Examples include dedicating time to the production of a supplement for an academic journal, planning the PtD Global Indaba and supporting projects at country level.  

Coalition members also come together four times a year to share, network and learn from each other. This helps us move closer towards our vision of a world in which health supply chain workforces are empowered and equipped to fulfil their roles. 

What’s in it for you? 

Learning: As the convenor and coordinator of a broad coalition, PtD brings together supply chain and health organisations from different constituencies to discuss their mutual objectives. This window into other areas helps members to consider factors and situations along the whole development chain, from donors and funding to project implementation.  

Shaping the agenda: What makes PtD the global technical leader in HR for SCM is its coalition members, who use their expertise and experience to shape the guidance and tools that PtD then offers to countries; it is this pooling of resources that makes PtD coalition model so valuable and productive.   

Networking: By joining the coalition you will meet others who want to build healthier supply chains and contribute to healthier countries. You may end up working together on an educational initiative or a joint programme. If you’re in the business of strengthening the supply chain workforce in LMICs the opportunity to meet potential partners and become involved in innovative initiatives is unparalleled.  

What’s the process? 

If you’re interested in joining the PtD coalition please complete this form. After review by the membership and governance committee we will let you know if your application has been successful.

If you have any questions please send your questions to or visit the PtD website for more information.