Supply chain management professionalisation framework

Supply chain management professionalisation framework

People that Deliver (PtD) supports governments and organisations to improve supply chain performance by advocating country-based interventions that strengthen human resources in health supply chains. PtD's goal has always been to achieve professionalisation, whereby health supply chain management is transformed into a recognised profession of the highest integrity.

In a step towards achieving this goal, and in collaboration with USAID, the Global Health Supply Chain Program-Procurement and Supply Management (GHSC-PSM) project and SAPICS, PtD has developed a set of global standards that align career path, education and professional growth in health supply chain management; this is the PtD SCM  professionalisation framework. At its core is the Library of Competencies and Designations that acts as the standard to ensure alignment between the supply and demand for health supply chain professionals. It also comprises an implementation approach, which provides clear guidance on how to begin this journey of change.

The framework comprises a package of several documents; a brief description of each is provided below with a link to download .

Professionalisation framework: factsheet

In a nutshell what the framework is and who it is for.

Webinar video

Components of the framework



  1. Overview of the components of the Professionalisation framework
  2. Library of competencies and designations for health supply chains
  3. Collection of roles & job descriptions for health supply chains
  4. Mapping of education for health supply chains (education framework)
  5. Implementation approach
    1. Overview presentation
    2. Implementation workshop guide
    3. Workshop presentation
    4. Project Charter template
    5. Professionalisation framework flyer