PtD Main Conference Day 1


Wednesday 29th October 2014 - 2nd PtD Global Conference on HR in SCM
Session 1 Theme Session Content

Introduction & positioning

of HR for SCM

Session Chair; Andrew Brown, PtD, Denmark.  
1. Welcome;
Shanelle Hall, Director, UNICEF SD, Denmark. Benoît Silve, PtD Chairperson, France. Video: English French  Spanish
2. The global context of HRH 4 UHC - a new discourse and new opportunities; Video: English French Spanish
Giorgio Cometto, Global Health Workforce  - WHO
3. Goals and Progress of PtD                          English French Spanish
Andrew Brown, PtD EM, Denmark.
4. Spotlight Presentation Imagine - Link  
5. Professionalizing Health Logistics in Burkina Faso: Challenges, Implementation and Sustainability;     English    French  Spanish
Jessica Nardone, Bioforce, France.    
6. Improving Access to Health Commodities by Strengthening the Supply Chain Management Workforce:The case of Namibia;
Tonata Ngulu, Ministry of Health, Namibia.
Benjamin Ongeri, Management Sciences for Health, Namibia. Rebecca Bailey, Capacity Plus, USA     English   French  Spanish
Session 2 Theme Session Content
Assessment and planning Session Chair. Iain Barton, IHS, South Africa.  
1. Systematic assessment and planning of HR for SCM:
Erin Hasselberg, JSI, USA    English   French   Spanish
2. Building Blocks for Enhancing Personnel Performance: Activities, Best Practices and Lessons Learned from Ethiopia (O2);
Daniel Taddesse, Supply Chain Management System (SCMS) Ethiopia   - English  French  Spanish
3. India ABSTRACT ; English   French  Spanish 
Bhrigu Kapuria, Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI), India.
4. Spotlight presentation ‘Getting Products to People’ Link  
5. MoH Drug SCM Strategy Development: A Means to Identify Human Resource training needs in Indonesia ;  English   French   Spanish
Engko Sosialina, MoH, Indonesia
6. Strategic Planning for Reform of Human Resources for the Supply Chain within Mozambique’s Health System;  English  French  Spanish
Paulo Nhaducue, MoH, Mozambique.
7. Moderated panel discussion;   English   French   Spanish  
Session 3 Theme Session Content  

Leadership, professionalization


change management

Session Chair. Pamela Steele, PSA, United Kingdom.  
1. Key messages from the SCM Leadership workshop;
Musonda Kasonde, UNICEF SD, Denmark.
Bridget McHenry, USAID, USA 
2. A framework for professionalization;  English
Rebecca Bailey, Capacity Plus, USA
3. Spotlight presentation ‘Preventing Stockouts Saving Lives’  
4. Strengthening HR for SCM in the immunization supply chain in Nigeria through stakeholder engagement ; English
Ibrahim Umar, National Primary Health Care Development Agency, Nigeria.
5. Case Studies in Health Supply Chain Workforce Management ;  English
Taylor Wilkerson, Logistics Management Institute (LMI), USA
6. Strengthening the capacity of and professionalizing human resources for supply chain in Indonesia through the SCM Provincial Network ;  English
Hidayati Mas’ud, Ministry of Health, Indonesia.
Oce Boymau, WHO, Indonesia
7. Moderated panel discussion; English  
Session 4 Theme Session Content 
Private Sector Session Chair. Maeve Magner, Consultant, Ireland.  
1. Deloitte; Increasing PerformanceEnglish  French  Spanish
Wendy Carr, Deloitte, USA. 
2. Imperial Health Sciences (IHS); Building a talent pool for driving market growth   English  French  Spanish
Ian Barton, IHS, USA.
3. UPS; Our Leadership Legacy  English  French  Spanish
Kevin Etter, UPS, Switzerland
4.  Moderated panel discussion and  Keny Otto, Crown Agents, United Kingdom  English  French  Spanish  
Session 5 Theme Session Content 

Workforce Development

- Approaches

Session Chair. Musonda Kasonde, UNICEF SD, Denmark  
1. Bringing Supply Chain Training Opportunities Closer to Home –An Experience with Regional Training Institutes ;
English   French   Spanish
Motomoke Eomba, John Snow, Inc. USA
2. Assessing the Feasibility of Establishing a Center of Excellence in Health Logistics in the East African Community;
English  French  Spanish
Philippe Jaillard, Agence de Médecine Préventive (AMP), France. (FRENCH)
3. Using e-learning to advance advocacy and leadership in supply chain management ; English  French  Spanish
Carole Piriou, i+solutions, Netherlands.
Griet Samyn, i+solutions, Netherlands
4. Spotlight presentation ‘LOGIVAC Benin’  
5. Fast Forward. People Development in Africa;
English  French  Spanish 
Abré van Buuren and Colette Wessels, Imperial Health Sciences and Imperial Logistics, South Africa.
6. Moderated panel discussion; English  French  Spanish  
  Networking Event - Sponsored by Imperial Health Sciences