PtD Main Conference Day 2

Thursday 30th October 2014 - 2nd PtD Global Conference on HR in SCM
Session 1 Theme Session Content 
Evidence supporting HR for SCM Session Chair. Bridget McHenry, USAID, USA.
1. Highlights from day 1;
Andrew Brown, PtD EM, Denmark
2. What evidence do governments need to justify workforce increases?                                English   French   Spanish  
Gamaleldin Mohamed Ali, Central Medical Supplies Public Corporation, Sudan
3. A Business Approach to Transforming Public Health Supply Systems ;         English   French   Spanish 
Chris Wright, JSI, Ethiopia.
4. WISIN as tool for Workload planning;
    English   French   Spanish 
Rebecca Bailey, IntraHealth, USA.
5. The business case for SCM cadres;
    English   French   Spanish 
Eric Mallard, World Bank, USA.
6. Moderated panel discussion;     English   French   Spanish 
Session 2 Theme Session Content
Workforce Development: Country cases Session Chair. Sophia Logez, Global Fund, Switzerland.
1. Combined On- and Off-Site Training Contributes to Strengthening the Unified Pharmaceutical System in the Dominican RepublicSpanish  English  French
Edgar Barillas, SIAPS, USA.
Claudia Valdez, SIAPS, Dominican Republic.
2. Building the capacity of Sierra Leoneans in supply chain on the NPPU project (O25);   English  French  Spanish 
Sian Rogers, Crown Agents, United Kingdom.
3. Introducing an Enhanced Cadre of Pharmacy Assistants to Improve Dispensing, Management, and Availability of Medicines at the Health Centre Level in Malawi (023);
 English  French  Spanish 
Matthew Ziba, VillageReach, Malawi.
4. Comparison of Cost Effectiveness of Pre-Service Training and In-Service Training in Ethiopia (O18);
 English  French  Spanish 
Habtamu Berhe, USAID | DELIVER, Ethiopia.
5. Moderated panel discussion; (no recording)
6. Improving national pharmaceutical supply management in Liberia through strengthening the training of pharmacists (O21); (No recording)
Lloyd Matowe, Pharmaceutical Systems Africa, Liberia.
Video. Managing the Spread of Infection:The Fight Against Ebola
7. Developing the SCM workforce in Nigeria through contextualised pre-service education and continued professional development (O22);  English  French 
Cheryl Mayo, JSI, USA.
8. Building Workforce Capacity to Operate a Web-based Logistics Management Information System (LMIS) in Pakistan (O19);
  English  French 
Muhammad Tariq, USAID | DELIVER, Pakistan
9. Moderated panel discussion;  English  French 
Session 3 Theme Session Content
HR for SCM Assessment guide and planning tool workshop Interactive workshop: planning, delivering and analysing HR in SCM assessments;
Moto Eomba, JSI, USA.
Sonia Brito-Anderson, Intrahealth, Dominican Republic.
Edgar Barillas, SIAPS, USA.
  Lunch. Open side meeting ‘Resources & Tools for Your Supply Chain from the UN Commission on Life Saving Commodities’ Auditorium III 13:30 – 14:15
Session 4 Theme Session Content
Professionalization Session Chair. Ravi Anupindi, University of Michigan, USA.
1. Professionalization in the public sector health supply chain management: IAPHL’s present and future contribution (O13);
English  French  Spanish 
Chris Wright, JSI, Ethiopia.
2. Creating the Humanitarian Professional: Moving from Certification to Advocacy and Endorsement (O11);
English  French  Spanish 
George Fenton, HLA/World Vision, United Kingdom
3. Incentivizing access to family planning in Senegal via the informed push model (O12);
 English French  Spanish 
Leah Hasselback, IntraHealth, Senegal.
4. Other Duties as Required: Efficient Use of Human Resources in Mozambique (O26);
English  French  Spanish 
Wendy Prosser, VillageReach, USA.
5. The Pacific Medical Supply Workers Buddy Network: A regional professionalization activity (O10);
English  French  Spanish 
Andrew Brown, PtD, Denmark.
6. Moderated panel discussion (plus Dorothea Carvalho, CILT, United Kingdom); English  French  Spanish
Session 5 Session Content
Closing Session - Country Based Action Session Chair. Kevin Pilz, Consultant, USA.
1. Key conference messages and PtD support;
 English French  Spanish
Andrew Brown,  PtD EM, Denmark
2. Interagency working group: The donors perspective (GAVI, Global Fund, UNFPA, USAID, UNICEF, UNComission, BMFG, WHO, World Bank)   English  French  Spanish
Lisa Hedman, WHO, Switzerland
3. Strengthening immunisation supply chain systems through the GAVI Alliance Immunisation Supply Chain Strategy (O7);
 English  French  Spanish
Daniel Thornton, GAVI Alliance, Switzerland.
4. Closing remarks and Call to Action;
 English  French  Spanish
Benoît Silve, PtD Chairperson, France.