Second PtD conference on human resources in supply chain management (2014)

The Conference had 160 participants from 20 countries. A detailed overview of the conference schedule and the power point presentations can be found on Main Conference Day 1 and Main Conference Day 2.

The 2nd Conference on Human Resources in Supply Chain Management (2014)

People that Deliver and UNICEF Supply Division released a joint press release regarding the 2nd PtD Conference.

The 2nd PtD conference statement and commitment to action

The 160 Conference participants agreed on the "Conference Statement and Commitment to Action."

The 2nd PtD conference proceedings

On December 17th, 2014, the Conference Proceedings from the 2nd PtD Global Conference was published in the "Journal for Pharmaceutical Policy & Practice"

Conference summary for the 2nd PtD conference

These notes were assembled with the help of seven different rapporteurs and reflect each rapporteur's personal writing style. The PtD Secretariat is grateful for their help as this document would not have been possible without their support.

Poster presentations

A number of posters were presented at the PtD Conference.

The list of registered participants

PtD working group workshop

On the 27th Oct. 2014, the PtD Working Group Leads held a workshop for members of the three PtD working groups and other conference participants who were interested in the work of the PtD working groups. The focus of the workshop was to review and discuss the PtD operational plan.

PtD supply chain leadership workshop with GAVI, UNICEF and USAID

The PtD Workshop on Health Supply Chain Leadership, held on 28th October 2014 at the UN City, brought together key development partners, USAID, UNICEF and GAVI to facilitate a discussion with approximately 100 participants to discuss what it takes to be an effective leader, and to identify approaches for strengthening supply chain leadership and management in countries.

The 2nd Conference on Human Resources in Supply Chain Management (2014)

PtD main conference day 1

Wednesday 29th October 2014 - 2nd PtD Global Conference on HR in SCM
Session 1 Theme Session Content

Introduction & positioning of HR for SCM

Session Chair; Andrew Brown, PtD, Denmark.  
1. Welcome;
Shanelle Hall, Director, UNICEF SD, Denmark. Benoît Silve, PtD Chairperson, France. Video: English French Spanish
2. The global context of HRH 4 UHC - a new discourse and new opportunities; Video: English French Spanish
Giorgio Cometto, Global Health Workforce - WHO
3. Goals and Progress of PtD English French Spanish
Andrew Brown, PtD EM, Denmark.
4. Spotlight Presentation Imagine - Link  
5. Professionalizing Health Logistics in Burkina Faso: Challenges, Implementation and Sustainability; English French Spanish
Jessica Nardone, Bioforce, France.
6. Improving Access to Health Commodities by Strengthening the Supply Chain Management Workforce:The case of Namibia;
Tonata Ngulu, Ministry of Health, Namibia.
Benjamin Ongeri, Management Sciences for Health, Namibia. Rebecca Bailey, Capacity Plus, USA English French Spanish
Session 2 Theme Session Content
Assessment and planning Session Chair. Iain Barton, IHS, South Africa.  
1. Systematic assessment and planning of HR for SCM:
Erin Hasselberg, JSI, USA English French Spanish
2. Building Blocks for Enhancing Personnel Performance: Activities, Best Practices and Lessons Learned from Ethiopia (O2);
Daniel Taddesse, Supply Chain Management System (SCMS) Ethiopia - English French Spanish
3. India ABSTRACT ; English French Spanish
Bhrigu Kapuria, Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI), India.
4. Spotlight presentation 'Getting Products to People' Link  
5. MoH Drug SCM Strategy Development: A Means to Identify Human Resource training needs in Indonesia ; English French Spanish
Engko Sosialina, MoH, Indonesia
6. Strategic Planning for Reform of Human Resources for the Supply Chain within Mozambique's Health System; English French Spanish
Paulo Nhaducue, MoH, Mozambique.
7. Moderated panel discussion; English French Spanish  
Session 3 Theme Session Content  

Leadership, professionalization and change management

Session Chair. Pamela Steele, PSA, United Kingdom.  
1. Key messages from the SCM Leadership workshop;
Musonda Kasonde, UNICEF SD, Denmark.
Bridget McHenry, USAID, USA
2. A framework for professionalization; English
Rebecca Bailey, Capacity Plus, USA
3. Spotlight presentation 'Preventing Stockouts Saving Lives'  
4. Strengthening HR for SCM in the immunization supply chain in Nigeria through stakeholder engagement ; English
Ibrahim Umar, National Primary Health Care Development Agency, Nigeria.
5. Case Studies in Health Supply Chain Workforce Management ; English
Taylor Wilkerson, Logistics Management Institute (LMI), USA
6. Strengthening the capacity of and professionalizing human resources for supply chain in Indonesia through the SCM Provincial Network ; English
Hidayati Mas'ud, Ministry of Health, Indonesia.
Oce Boymau, WHO, Indonesia
7. Moderated panel discussion; English  
Session 4 Theme Session Content
Private Sector Session Chair. Maeve Magner, Consultant, Ireland.  
1. Deloitte; Increasing Performance; English French Spanish
Wendy Carr, Deloitte, USA.
2. Imperial Health Sciences (IHS); Building a talent pool for driving market growth English French Spanish
Ian Barton, IHS, USA.
3. UPS; Our Leadership Legacy English French Spanish
Kevin Etter, UPS, Switzerland
4. Moderated panel discussion and Keny Otto, Crown Agents, United Kingdom English French Spanish  
Session 5 Theme Session Content

Workforce Development & Approaches

Session Chair. Musonda Kasonde, UNICEF SD, Denmark  
1. Bringing Supply Chain Training Opportunities Closer to Home –An Experience with Regional Training Institutes ;
English French Spanish
Motomoke Eomba, John Snow, Inc. USA
2. Assessing the Feasibility of Establishing a Center of Excellence in Health Logistics in the East African Community;
English French Spanish
Philippe Jaillard, Agence de Médecine Préventive (AMP), France. (FRENCH)
3. Using e-learning to advance advocacy and leadership in supply chain management ; English French Spanish
Carole Piriou, i+solutions, Netherlands.
Griet Samyn, i+solutions, Netherlands
4. Spotlight presentation 'LOGIVAC Benin'  
5. Fast Forward. People Development in Africa;
English French Spanish
Abré van Buuren and Colette Wessels, Imperial Health Sciences and Imperial Logistics, South Africa.
6. Moderated panel discussion; English French Spanish  
  Networking Event - Sponsored by Imperial Health Sciences

PtD main conference day 2

Thursday 30th October 2014 - 2nd PtD Global Conference on HR in SCM
Session 1 Theme Session Content
Evidence supporting HR for SCM Session Chair. Bridget McHenry, USAID, USA.
1. Highlights from day 1;
Andrew Brown, PtD EM, Denmark
2. What evidence do governments need to justify workforce increases? English French Spanish
Gamaleldin Mohamed Ali, Central Medical Supplies Public Corporation, Sudan
3. A Business Approach to Transforming Public Health Supply Systems ; English French Spanish
Chris Wright, JSI, Ethiopia.
4. WISIN as tool for Workload planning;
English French Spanish
Rebecca Bailey, IntraHealth, USA.
5. The business case for SCM cadres;
English French Spanish
Eric Mallard, World Bank, USA.
6. Moderated panel discussion; English French Spanish
Session 2 Theme Session Content
Workforce Development: Country cases Session Chair. Sophia Logez, Global Fund, Switzerland.
1. Combined On- and Off-Site Training Contributes to Strengthening the Unified Pharmaceutical System in the Dominican Republic; Spanish English French
Edgar Barillas, SIAPS, USA.
Claudia Valdez, SIAPS, Dominican Republic.
2. Building the capacity of Sierra Leoneans in supply chain on the NPPU project (O25); English French Spanish
Sian Rogers, Crown Agents, United Kingdom.
3. Introducing an Enhanced Cadre of Pharmacy Assistants to Improve Dispensing, Management, and Availability of Medicines at the Health Centre Level in Malawi (023);
English French Spanish
Matthew Ziba, VillageReach, Malawi.
4. Comparison of Cost Effectiveness of Pre-Service Training and In-Service Training in Ethiopia (O18);
English French Spanish
Habtamu Berhe, USAID | DELIVER, Ethiopia.
5. Moderated panel discussion; (no recording)
6. Improving national pharmaceutical supply management in Liberia through strengthening the training of pharmacists (O21); (No recording)
Lloyd Matowe, Pharmaceutical Systems Africa, Liberia.
Video. Managing the Spread of Infection:The Fight Against Ebola
7. Developing the SCM workforce in Nigeria through contextualised pre-service education and continued professional development (O22); English French
Cheryl Mayo, JSI, USA.
8. Building Workforce Capacity to Operate a Web-based Logistics Management Information System (LMIS) in Pakistan (O19);
English French
Muhammad Tariq, USAID | DELIVER, Pakistan
9. Moderated panel discussion; English French
Session 3 Theme Session Content
HR for SCM Assessment guide and planning tool workshop Interactive workshop: planning, delivering and analysing HR in SCM assessments;
Moto Eomba, JSI, USA.
Sonia Brito-Anderson, Intrahealth, Dominican Republic.
Edgar Barillas, SIAPS, USA.
  Lunch. Open side meeting 'Resources & Tools for Your Supply Chain from the UN Commission on Life Saving Commodities' Auditorium III 13:30 – 14:15
Session 4 Theme Session Content
Professionalization Session Chair. Ravi Anupindi, University of Michigan, USA.
1. Professionalization in the public sector health supply chain management: IAPHL's present and future contribution (O13);
English French Spanish
Chris Wright, JSI, Ethiopia.
2. Creating the Humanitarian Professional: Moving from Certification to Advocacy and Endorsement (O11);
English French Spanish
George Fenton, HLA/World Vision, United Kingdom
3. Incentivizing access to family planning in Senegal via the informed push model (O12);
English French Spanish
Leah Hasselback, IntraHealth, Senegal.
4. Other Duties as Required: Efficient Use of Human Resources in Mozambique (O26);
English French Spanish
Wendy Prosser, VillageReach, USA.
5. The Pacific Medical Supply Workers Buddy Network: A regional professionalization activity (O10);
English French Spanish
Andrew Brown, PtD, Denmark.
6. Moderated panel discussion (plus Dorothea Carvalho, CILT, United Kingdom); English French Spanish
Session 5 Session Content
Closing Session - Country Based Action Session Chair. Kevin Pilz, Consultant, USA.
1. Key conference messages and PtD support;
English French Spanish
Andrew Brown, PtD EM, Denmark
2. Interagency working group: The donors perspective (GAVI, Global Fund, UNFPA, USAID, UNICEF, UNComission, BMFG, WHO, World Bank) English French Spanish
Lisa Hedman, WHO, Switzerland
3. Strengthening immunisation supply chain systems through the GAVI Alliance Immunisation Supply Chain Strategy (O7);
English French Spanish
Daniel Thornton, GAVI Alliance, Switzerland.
4. Closing remarks and Call to Action;
English French Spanish
Benoît Silve, PtD Chairperson, France.

Conference poster presentations

Poster 1

Title: Analysis and Findings from the Zimbabwe Supply Chain Human Resource Assessment
Author: Brian Serumaga

Poster 2

Title: Supply Chain Management of Laboratory Commodities for Tuberculosis in Indonesia: Using Assessment Results to Strengthen Staff Capacity
Author: Russell Vogel

Poster 3

Title: HR factors affecting the availability of medical products in developing countries: a systematic literature review
Author: Pamela Steele

Poster 4

Title: Building a Supply Chain Approach for an Improved Laboratory Sample Referral Network in the Dominican Republic
Author: Alan George

Poster 5

Title: HR for SCM Online Discussion. What do the countries have to say?
Author: Andrew Brown

Poster 6

Title: GAVI Supply Chain Strategy People and Practice Evidence Review, March 2014
Author: Pamela Steele

Poster 7

Title: Human Resource Development in Supply Chain Management- What do the UN agencies say?
Author: Amrita Sankaranarayanan

Poster 8

Title: Development of a Sustainable Access to Medicine Model in Caribbean: Chronic disease assistance program as a case study
Author: Sandeep Maharaj

Poster 9

Title: Assessment of Human Resources Capacity of Pharmaceutical Warehouses in Cameroon.
Author: Samuel Ottu Ayuk

Poster 10

Title: Using the Media Social Facebook to Increase the Community Voluntarism and Engagement to Monitoring ARV in Indonesia
Author: Irwandy Widjaja

Poster 11

Title: Embedding Problem Solving and Use of Data with Routine Supply Chain Procedures: District Leadership and Team-based Approaches Improve Product Availability in Rwanda
Author: Alexis Heaton

Poster 12

Title: Incorporating Pharmaceutical Supply Management Modules in the Pre-Service Curriculum of the BPharm Program of the University of Namibia School of Pharmacy
Author: Greatjoy Mazibuko

Poster 13

Title: Strengthened Human Resources in Health Logistics in Nepal
Author: Heem S. Shakya

Poster 14

Title: JSI Tanzania supply chain initiatives are country based with potential for scale up of best practices on a global perspective.
Author: Matiko Machagge

Poster 15

Title: Pilot Projects Empower District Supply Chain Management Staff to Strengthen Health Services in Indonesia.
Author: Dr. Setiawan Soeparan

Conference presentations and recordings


Plenary Session 1A – Describing the Challenge (Audio Recording)

People that Deliver Conference Goals and Desired Outcomes
Mr. John Skibiak, Director, Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition (RHSC)

Burkina FasoProfessionnaliser la gestion de la chaîne logistique pour améliorer les performances des systèmes de santé
Pr Adama TRAORE, Ministry of Health, Burkina Faso; presented by Mr. Benoît Silve, Director, Bioforce Institute, on his behalf

UNICEF – Emergence of Humanitarian Logistics Profession Lessons and Context
Mr. Paul Molinaro, Senior Manager for Change and Development, UNICEF Supply Division

Plenary Session 1B – Describing the Challenge from the Country Perspective (Audio Recording)

People that Deliver Landscape Analysis and Research
Ms. Kimberly Bardy, Research Committee Chair for People that Deliver Initiative, and Supply Chain Adviser, U.S. Agency for International Development

EthiopiaOpportunities, Innovations, Needs and Challenges Ethiopia Faces in Human Resources for Supply Chain Management
Ms. Ribka Mekonnen Logistics Management Information System Advisor, Pharmaceutical Fund Supply Agency, Ethiopia; and Ms. Woinshet Nigatu, Technical Director Commodity Security, USAID | DELIVER PROJECT, Ethiopia

NamibiaSupply Chain HR Situation
Ms. Jennie Lates, Deputy Director of Pharmaceutical Services, Ministry of Health and Social Services, Namibia

Plenary Session 1C – Improving the Availability of Qualified Supply Chain Managers (Audio Recording)

LiberiaForming a Dedicated Supply Chain Management Unit to Strengthen Supply Chain Integration and Performance
Mr. Luke Rooney, Supply Chain Analyst, Clinton Health Access Initiative, Liberia; and Mr. J. Julius Janafo, Acting Supply Chain Manager, Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Liberia

MozambiqueWho are the People Running the Supply Chain? Human Resources for Logistics Storage and Transportation of commodities from the Central Level
Dr. Martinho Dgedge, National Director of Human Resources, Ministry of Health, Mozambique; and Mr. Paulo Nhaducue, Director, Central Medical Stores, Mozambique

USAIDImproving the Demand for and Retention of Health Supply Chain Personnel
Ms. Barbara Stilwell, Director of Technical Leadership, IntraHealth International

IndonesiaLeveraging Private Sector Expertise to Improve Supply Chain Management within the Ministry of Health
Dr. H. Muhamad Subuh, Director, Directorate of Directly Transmitted Disease Control, Ministry of Health, Indonesia; and Mr. Steven Harsono, CHAI, Indonesia

Plenary Session 1D – Improving demand for and retention of qualified supply chain managers (Audio Recording)

ELRHAProfessionalization Project
Mr. Jess Camburn, Director, ELRHA

WHO AFRO / HRHEnjeux de la Professionnalisation du Métier de Logisticien en Afrique
Dr. Avocksouma Djona, WHO AFRO/ HRH

Rwanda Pre-service Education in Supply Chain Management for Pharmacy Workforce
M. Thomas Bizimana, Department of Pharmacy, National University of Rwanda


People that DeliverBreakout Groups: Demand & Retention

People that DeliverBreakout Groups: Improving Availability of Qualified SCM Personnel

People that DeliverBreakout Groups: How We Move Forward?